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Harbourside Repair Project FAQ’s

1. Why did the Association choose Islandia Inc.?
They are a reputable and experienced company performing repairs on high rise condominiums. They have done work over a 19-year history at Harbourside with good results.
2. What will they do?
Balcony Screen Enclosures
§ All framework screws replaced with stainless steel screws
§ All damaged aluminum frame pieces will be replaced
§ Pressure clean and abrade by hand all loose paint
§ Prime and paint with Benjamin Moore acrylic paint
§ Install new screen material on all balconies
§ Paint all 4 seven-story buildings, Clubhouse, Gatehouse Commodore Club and Pool House
§ Includes catwalk railings, doors stairwells, and floors
§ Condo 1 (Bldgs 1 & 2) catwalk floors excluded at this time
Concrete restoration
§ As required per engineering assessment in all unit bldgs
§ Prices determined by square footage of requirements
3. Are there any warranties?
The contractor will provide to the Association a Five (5) Year Written Labor and Material Warranty for all repair Work performed pursuant to this Contract. The painting of the vertical walls of the buildings will have an 8-year warranty per Benjamin Moore’s stated warranty policies.
4. What is the timeline for completion?
With all the elements controlled by one contractor, we have the best chance of controlling the total project and timing. The estimate to completion is 6-12 months driven mostly by weather as we approach the rain and hurricane season.
5. What is the cost of the project?
The total cost of all the elements is in excess of $500,000. However, we have adequate funds due to our reserves and the special assessment to address the project cost.
6. Does this effort differ from the original vision of the project back in 2016/2017?
When the project was assessed in Feb 2017, the entire definition of the work had not been completed. It was termed “New Patio Screen Enclosures with new Screen Cloth”. Subsequent design revisions drove the cost of the project up. When the original contractor was approached with these changes his cost increased by close to 100%; and the project stalled.
Therefore, this was not a viable approach and would have called for another round of assessments. The new Board, in conjunction with legal review, was able to take a different and more cost-effective repair approach for the project.
7. If the screen enclosure element is less than reserved (which was $362,948), what will happen to the surplus if there is any?
Contingencies and incidental costs may arise in the course of the project which could require additional funds; however, any monies available after project completion will be allocated to the condominiums (Condo 1- Bldg 1&2 -Condo 2- Bldg 3 - Condo 3 -Bldg 4) based on their % of ownership.
8. Is there an engineering firm involved?
Yes. S&D Engineering and Construction will obtain permits and provide engineering oversight on the concrete restoration aspects of the project.
9. What happens if my roll down shutters or outer glass doors need to be removed for access or balcony windows are removed?
There may be incidental removal costs associated with this activity throughout the complex during the program; however, we have funding to address that.
10. Should there be any balcony tile removal, who would pay the cost associated with that effort?
There may be a small percentage of balconies that require removal of some tiles for an engineering assessment. The association would address the cost of removal and the engineering assessment. Replacement of tiles would be to the owner’s account.
11. Are there any special precautions I should take before work commences on my building or stack?
Should work be conducted while you are away from Harbourside, it is imperative that you (1) provide a key to your unit to someone who will be at the complex and (2) that you have a key to your unit on file with the key bank of your building.
Some common-sense rules should be adhered to:
a. Move your vehicles if required.
b. Remove all articles from your balcony when notified.
c. Protect the items in your unit from the vibrations that will arise during construction.
The work to be performed by the Contractor involves the use of heavy pneumatic chipping hammers, which may cause damage. Such damage may include, but is not limited to cracks caused by vibration in tiled surfaces, walls or ceilings, mirrors, or from items falling off walls or tabletops. Owners should take care to prevent damage from occurring.
The unit owner will be responsible for removal of all window treatments, carpeting, carpet padding, furniture, and other personal belongings or decorative items that are within six (6) feet of the area to be worked upon.
The Contractor will use all reasonable precautions to minimize damage to interior tile marble or hardwood flooring interiors.
Access to the inside of unit should only be a one-time event to exit the premises after work is completed.
12. What do I do if I have follow-up questions?
The Property Manager at Harbourside will act as focal point for questions. Please submit them in writing, either via e-mail or conventional mail. The Board will review and provide appropriate answers to them via e-mail. Answers will be posted on the Harbourside website “Harbourside on the Intracoastal”. The web address is

FREE Wi-Fi at Harbourside Public Areas!

Effective immediately, we have WiFi in the clubhouse, cottage,  and pool area.

You will need a password. It's A79DAX3PH4C3393X. Write it down if you're going to use it!

New Temporary Parking Pass

These parking tags are for when someone has a visitor or they rent a car when coming down for a short stay.
These are to be hung on the mirror facing the REAR of the car.
Owners/renters can go to the Property Manager  for a tag.


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